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September 23, 2016 by user0

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Colorado Springs last week for the annual US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates Presidents Conference.  Did I mention I am the President of the Air Force Academy Society of NC?  We’re a distinguished chapter… and proud of it.

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Before I left, I noted a few letters I received from bishops.  They deserve replies and I will be trying to get those done quickly and posted soon.  Unfortunately, my laptop lost the ability to type the middle row of letters before my trip so it was at the Apple Store being repaired while I traveled.  It started with the letter “f”… I found for a day that you can work around the letter “f” if you try.  It was a fun exercise… until the letter “f” was joined by his friends.  This was the first trip in 8 years I have taken without my computer.  I felt very non-productive.  Now, that I have it fixed, I can get back to regular functioning.

In the short-term, I had another idea for getting out the word on my personal crusade to end the Culture of Death… flyers for Church bulletins.  I sent these far and wide by email this morning and will now post them here.  Getting them across the country will take a significant team effort.

church-bulletin-flyer (pdf)



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