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October 7, 2016 by user0

It was brought to my attention that my initial church-bulletin-flyer looked more like an advertisement for the book than information for the voter.  I can agree with that.  My challenge was giving information but making sure it is backed up with citations.  You don’t change minds without evidence.

I was suggested to make a Church Bulletin Flyer that had the crucial information.  I did that and used the book as a reference for critical citations.  If you have had difficulty getting your pastor or bishop to allow the prior flyer in your Church’s bulletin, please try this one.


For those who are not part of the Catholic Church but want to help, I made a separate flyer for you.


I remain open to all suggestions.  I wrote the book on a mission.  The mission is not the book, it is to get Catholics (and Christians in general) to vote our Faith in this election.

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