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October 8, 2016 by user0

I don’t know about you but I’m hearing more and more clergy speak out boldly on the election issues before us.  Where able, I have reached out to thank them because I know from experience that they are receiving a barrage of negative mail.  It goes with speaking the truth.

A few weeks ago, the bishops of Kansas spoke as one in calling Catholics to vote with the issues of life (abortion, et al) forefront in their minds.

Here is a link to an article quoting Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila taking a very strong stand against the advocates of the Culture of Death:

Just last week on EWTN, Fr John Lankeit gave a wonderful homily laying out the issues very clearly with no equivocation.  See below:


I had the occasion to listen to some of Sean Hannity’s show yesterday when driving home from work.  At one point, he noted that the presidential race is closest in Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina.  I can’t speak to Nevada, but I think it’s safe to point out the silence of the bishops in Florida and North Carolina as having an effect on the strength of the Democratic Party in those states.  Again, especially after the newest release of comments by Donald Trump, the Church does not have to endorse anyone to make Her voice heard.  Heck, I don’t endorse Donald Trump.  He is a flawed human being.  We all are.  However, this election will come down to Trump or Clinton.  On one hand, you have the known quantity that Hillary Clinton will give us a court stacked against life… she has said so openly.  Trump has promised the opposite.  This is a bedrock issue that “trumps” the others.  Catholics may not vote for intrinsic evil.  As boorish as Trump may be, he does not advocate intrinsic evil.

A thought occurred to me last evening about the silence of our bishops in this election.  Picture Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Most of us probably picture Eve confronted by the Devil all alone and then returning to Adam with the fruit.  That may be the case but Scripture also holds out the possibility that Adam was present and simply silent.  St Paul’s First Letter to Timothy says that Eve was deceived but Adam was not.  Adam failed to protect his bride.  I see a parallel in this as our country slips deeper into the culture of death and chaos reigns.  Our bishops have had the authority and ability to stop this slide for decades… but have not done so.  The hour is late but not too late.  I pray for a revival of courage among them that they may lead us back into the light.


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