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November 1, 2016 by user0

A friend pointed me to the latest issue of NC Catholics, the monthly publication of the Diocese of Raleigh. Bishop Michael Burbidge made a bold statement on the election in his column. Readers here and elsewhere will note that I have been critical of my bishop and have long-endeavored to evoke such a statement. I have no illusion that Bishop Burbidge is responding to my encouragement. I only praise God that the statement has come.

Here is the main part of the statement:

“While the Church never tells us for whom we should vote, we are reminded that there are a hierarchy of issues that demand our focus and attention. It begins with the defense of all human life at every stage, the safeguarding of the dignity of each and every person without exception, and the protection of our religious liberty in a land that is safe and secured so that we may freely practice the faith we profess. If these issues are not upheld, then what will follow will be flawed. While it is unlikely that any candidate will agree with us on every position, there can be no compromise in casting our vote for the one who will most effectively protect the sacredness of life and the dignity of each and every person. Pray for the gift of holy wisdom.”

I have also been told that this statement will be read by priests of the diocese at Masses this weekend. Unfortunately, many have already voted during this early voting period, but the words will still be timely for the completion of this election season.

I sent an email of gratitude to Bishop Michael Burbidge and received a response. Thank you, Bishop Burbidge. May God bless us all in these consequential times.

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