I don’t know about you but I’m hearing more and more clergy speak out boldly on the election issues before us.  Where able, I have reached out to thank them because I know from experience that they are receiving a barrage of negative mail.  It goes with speaking the truth.

A few weeks ago, the bishops of Kansas spoke as one in calling Catholics to vote with the issues of life (abortion, et al) forefront in their minds.

Here is a link to an article quoting Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila taking a very strong stand against the advocates of the Culture of Death:

Just last week on EWTN, Fr John Lankeit gave a wonderful homily laying out the issues very clearly with no equivocation.  See below:


I had the occasion to listen to some of Sean Hannity’s show yesterday when driving home from work.  At one point, he noted that the presidential race is closest in Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina.  I can’t speak to Nevada, but I think it’s safe to point out the silence of the bishops in Florida and North Carolina as having an effect on the strength of the Democratic Party in those states.  Again, especially after the newest release of comments by Donald Trump, the Church does not have to endorse anyone to make Her voice heard.  Heck, I don’t endorse Donald Trump.  He is a flawed human being.  We all are.  However, this election will come down to Trump or Clinton.  On one hand, you have the known quantity that Hillary Clinton will give us a court stacked against life… she has said so openly.  Trump has promised the opposite.  This is a bedrock issue that “trumps” the others.  Catholics may not vote for intrinsic evil.  As boorish as Trump may be, he does not advocate intrinsic evil.

A thought occurred to me last evening about the silence of our bishops in this election.  Picture Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Most of us probably picture Eve confronted by the Devil all alone and then returning to Adam with the fruit.  That may be the case but Scripture also holds out the possibility that Adam was present and simply silent.  St Paul’s First Letter to Timothy says that Eve was deceived but Adam was not.  Adam failed to protect his bride.  I see a parallel in this as our country slips deeper into the culture of death and chaos reigns.  Our bishops have had the authority and ability to stop this slide for decades… but have not done so.  The hour is late but not too late.  I pray for a revival of courage among them that they may lead us back into the light.



It was brought to my attention that my initial church-bulletin-flyer looked more like an advertisement for the book than information for the voter.  I can agree with that.  My challenge was giving information but making sure it is backed up with citations.  You don’t change minds without evidence.

I was suggested to make a Church Bulletin Flyer that had the crucial information.  I did that and used the book as a reference for critical citations.  If you have had difficulty getting your pastor or bishop to allow the prior flyer in your Church’s bulletin, please try this one.


For those who are not part of the Catholic Church but want to help, I made a separate flyer for you.


I remain open to all suggestions.  I wrote the book on a mission.  The mission is not the book, it is to get Catholics (and Christians in general) to vote our Faith in this election.


I received a more direct letter from Bishop Dewane than I have from many others.  I appreciate his taking time to reach out to me.  I did find some things in his letter worth examining more deeply.  I don’t expect the bishops to be well-versed on politics AND religion.  I consider myself a decent bridge in that breach.  They know far more about our faith and morals than I ever will… but I do have a perspective on where our faith intersects with the political sphere.

Our correspondence:  venice-fl-bishop-dewane

I don’t have the ability to copy and paste his remarks here, you will find them at the link above.  I can paste my own comments, though.


Dear Bishop Dewane,

Thank you for acknowledging my book.  I understand the positions expressed by the Church in regards to not taking partisan positions in elections.  From the FCCB guide you mentioned in your letter:

While individual citizens are free to engage fully in partisan politics, churches and other 501(c)(3) institutions that qualify for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code are not. The Church and Church organizations may not be involved in partisan politics. Expressions of preference for a political party and of direct or indirect support for or in opposition to specific candidates or political parties are not permissible.”


“Pastors and others should be wary of outside organizations seeking to distribute voter education materials through parishes. It may happen that issues covered in outside materials do not address the range of issues of importance to the Church. Moreover, their content, format and presentation may not satisfy IRS regulations applicable to Catholic organizations.”

However, earlier in your booklet, it says:

“However, genuine religious expression guarantees authentic freedom, nurturing a mutual respect among the members of our society.”

How free are we when our Church considers Herself subject to the rules of government?  The Church isn’t tax-exempt because of 501c3.  She was tax-exempt before churches were added to the code in 1954.  The Church is tax-exempt because she pre-dates the government and our Founding Fathers did not want to have government control of churches.  It’s that simple.  The 501c3 code is a primary example of the way government takes control… it says it is merely codifying an existing relationship and nothing will change.  However, once it has been codified, the government holds the threat to rescind the code.  What should exist after the rescission is what existed for 200+ years before that… churches are still tax-exempt.  That is not what the government says will happen, though, so the Church is silenced.

Churches were added to the 501c3 code as a tool of control and specifically to silence the Church.  Sen. Lyndon Johnson did not like the Church having such a significant influence in shaping public policy.  What we have become is direct result of this action.  The Church has a greatly reduced influence in public life and intrinsic evil has become a staple of public policy.  Are you aware that churches do not actually have to apply for 501c3 qualification?  For almost all organizations, they must fill out Form 1023 and 1024.  Churches are not required to file form 1023 because they are considered covered by 501c3 automatically.  Donations to churches are automatically tax-deductible.  Churches have a mandatory exception to filing tax returns.  The IRS code automatically exempts churches from its basic requirements.

In short, Bishop Dewane, the Catholic Church’s silence is voluntary… and misguided.  It is not an endorsement of the GOP to point out the evil supported by the Democratic Party.  We don’t compromise our impartiality by opposing the sponsors of evil in positions of public authority.  We have compromised our authority by our failure to do so.

If a Democrat (doesn’t matter if it turns out to be Hillary Clinton) becomes President, we will have generations of Americans grow up not knowing there was even a debate about the constitutionality of abortion rights.  The next president will likely appoint a 7-2 Supreme Court.  Although the quote below is from Hillary Clinton, keep in mind that both of the issues she addresses are in the Party Platform:

“I do have a litmus test, I have a bunch of litmus tests, because the next president could get as many as three appointments,” the former first lady responded. “It’s one of the many reasons why we can’t turn the White House over to the Republicans again.” . . . “We have to preserve marriage equality,” Clinton said. “We have to go further to end discrimination against the LGBT community, we’ve got to make sure to preserve Roe V. Wade, not let it be nibbled away or repealed.”

Catholics represent as much as 25% of the electorate overall and as much as ⅓ in CA and NY.  No politician should be able to advocate for intrinsic evil and expect Catholic votes—no politician can be elected without Catholic acquiescence in a national or state election. Yet, Catholics have split our vote down the middle for a number of election cycles. No one respects our priorities because we don’t stand for them ourselves, as a group.  Our bishops have done next to nothing to correct this problem.

We are scandalized among even the atheists who wonder where our Catholic leaders are when the issues are so polarized and clear in this election.  Even our foes see that the Church is silent when it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, our leaders are supporting the Democratic Party.  How can I say this?  What if I told you the USCCB came out in favor of tax cuts, strong national borders, and 2nd Amendment rights… you would logically conclude the Church favors the GOP.  Here’s the reality… the Church has been a major factor in pushing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), immigration reform, and climate change.  These are Democratic policy priorities and people rightly conclude the Church favors Democrat policies.

Msgr Charles Pope wrote an article that read like it came directly out of my book and posted it to Facebook recently.  I follow him.  The one main difference between his article and my book?  He said, “but I’m not going to name the party.”  From that, there were posters on that thread who concluded they should inform their own consciences and choose “the lesser of two evils”—that was Hillary Clinton to them.  Msgr Pope and I put that delusion to rest but this should be a wakeup call that there are too many who will take any amount of latitude perceived—no matter how infinitesimal—to vote for the party sponsoring intrinsic evils.  The Church must be direct, forceful, and quick… before it’s too late.

Despite all of our efforts so far in our marches and prayers, if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, she gets the chance to cement abortion and a redefinition of marriage as law for generations. We can stop it. My hope is that you and your fellow bishops will make support for evil the next “third-rail” of politics that no politician would ever dare touch again.

I look forward to discussing this with you further and will pray for our efforts as a Church.


I have been fielding some letters from the bishops. It has only been a handful so far, but I am grateful for the opportunity at dialogue with those who have taken the time to respond. Below is my correspondence with a few of them beginning with the initial letter accompanying my book to them.









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