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Servant Leaders Needed!

We are all leaders in some area of our lives. It could be at work, in our church, in our social groups, or in our homes. No matter the location, there are common principles required to be effective in all of them.

When we hire someone new to our organization, we train them to be a good technician. If they are among our best technicians, we promote them to leadership. Here’s where the breakdown begins… we trained them to be a technician; we tend to forget to train them to be leaders. This leads to people-problems, profit-loss, and a reduction in productivity.

We all understand the “carrot and sticks” approach to leadership and tend to use more sticks than carrots because everyone understands the uses of sticks—no training is needed. However, everyone’s carrot is different. If we would lead people and not just drive them, we have to get to know them—to understand what a carrot looks like to each of them. We have to treat them as we want to be treated. We have to know who is served in every decision we make.

A leader helps people and organizations reach their full potential… to reach their goals. Let me help you raise up the Servant-Leaders your organization needs to thrive.

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Power in Servant Leadership

Focus on the mission: Be purpose-driven

Share the vision: Communication is essential

Take care of your people: Leaders need followers and followers need leaders

Empower your people: Develop your people and cheer their success

Build on Success: Keep moving forward

Overcoming Adversity

Failure isn’t fatal: Problems can be the beginning of new opportunities

Seize opportunities: Demonstrate resilience and integrity

The greater the challenge, the greater the glory

Success isn’t automatic: Keep moving forward

Power of Faith

You’re not the center of the universe: You have neither the world on your shoulders nor at your feet

Recognize God’s perspective: We are all sinners in need of salvation

Who are you worshiping? (God, neighbor, wealth, community)

Am I at Church to worship God or be seen by others?

Did I choose a Church to serve God or because I want something from the community?

Trust God’s plan and be patient with Him

Our Deepest Motivations

Every action begins with a thought. Every thought leads to a goal.

Negative emotions are generally manifestations of fear

Overcome negative emotions with positive actions and attitudes

The power of love as a primary motivation

Recognize the love and fear driving every decision

Defeating the Culture of Death

The world fears overpopulation. God says “be fruitful and multiply.”

Christ has overcome the world and Christians are His Hands and Feet

The Church must oppose evil in all manifestations

Opposing evil in public policy means taking a position on candidates and parties advocating for evil

Rosary Mission

A Rosary mission is a deep exploration of our lives following Christ through the mysteries of His life.

- The Joyful Mysteries - Consider the foundations of our faith in the incarnation of Christ

- The Luminous Mysteries - Baptized into the family of God, Christ shares His identity with us

- The Sorrowful Mysteries - Learn about the cardinal virtues through the Passion and death of our Lord

- The Glorious Mysteries - The Church is the body of Christ calling all people to communion with God

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