Personal Rosary

In the rosary, we meditate on the mysteries of Christ and His mother. The Virgin Mary shares in the joy of His coming and the suffering of His passion and death. She is present in the major moments of His life and was raised to join Him in glory at her passing. The rosary is a reflection on His life in Scripture, her life of absolute faithfulness, and our own lives imitating them in communion with His Bride, the Church.

This book is a collection of personal prayers for deeper meditation on the mysteries. Where The Scriptural Rosary follows the life of Christ in Scripture, The Personal Rosary meditates on our lives following Him. As we pray to “imitate what [these mysteries] contain”, we focus our meditation on how we can take up our crosses in daily sacrificial love for God and one another.

Defeating the Culture of Death: The Pro-Life Vote

“Pro-life victory will not be achieved on the streets in rallies. The
path to victory passes through the voting booth. Christians must stop
enabling a pro-death political party that consistently receives half of
their vote! It makes no sense to march for life in January and vote for
the sponsors of the culture of death in November. Form your conscience
to vote your values.This book lays out the issues of life in a logical
narrative for the Christian voter with documented arguments and quotes
directly from the party platforms. Be informed! Vote your faith!”

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